So It Begins…….Home-school


“It’s fun!” “it’s easy” ” You’ll love it” It’s what they told me. Boy! was I in for a big awakening. Everyone tells you all the good stuff—-and there are plenty believe me—-but no one tells you the nitty-gritty. I won’t talk about all of them today but let me tell you, its not all smiles and rainbows. Not at first it isn’t. I did not know how overwhelming choosing a curriculum was going to be.  Secular, religious, private, virtual, textbooks, classical to name a few. There are so many options out there. So much information it can be a bit exhausting. I keep telling myself, “Enjoy the process.”

I chose part virtual school for my kiddo. I am still in the look out for language arts, history, art etc.. If you know of a good curriculum, please let me know. I would love to learn about it. Our first week was chaos! Every lesson, homework, review was an argument with my kiddo. It’s my fault, really. I believe this was part of my lack of preparation.  I can’t blame him. But we are doing so much better now. We are only two weeks in of homeschooling.  I still have so much to learn and one thing that seems to work, is  having lesson plans prepared ahead of time and setting up a schedule. I am not all over the place now…..most times.

My fellow home school parents, please share your wisdom! I’ll buy you coffee!

1 thought on “So It Begins…….Home-school”

  1. Oh my, the choices!! I started homeschooling in 2004 and it was hard then, I can’t imagine the decision-making process for new families now that there is SO MUCH more to choose from!
    It sounds like you’re doing great, though! 🙂 Keep up the great work.


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