Class in Session-Google Classroom

studyHave you tried using google classroom for your homeschool/school supplement needs? I recently discovered it. It doesn’t provide material or anything like that, but it is a ‘safe’ place where you can create a classroom with assignments, reading materials, videos, discussions etc.. all in one place. Your child/ren can join in securely and do their assignments.

I gave it a try, and it seems to be working soooo much better than writing daily assignments for my kiddo.  I used to literally write daily assignments on word for him so that we stayed on track and on semi-schedule. It looked something like this: Daily Schedule Assigment 09-06-1- Traveling Pajamas

Our daily assignment is nothing fancy or super academically. I started with a simple log of our schedule and lessons to do until I got the hang of things. Homeschooling is a lot of trial and error—-at least for me. I found that homeschooling has a lot to do with the personality of your child.  So here I am trying yet another venue and this one seems to be working so much better.

Here is a glimpse of the google classroom. This one is not mine, it is a sample google classroom. If you would like to see a sample of my classroom, let me know in the comments below. I can make a video about it.



What are you currently using for your homeschooling needs? Any tips?

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