The Struggle

Homeschool is hard enough without adding to it.

I didn’t anticipate for this blog to be about homeschool, but at the moment, it is a big  part of my life and right now what I feel is, “ugh.” A big capital “UGH.” However, in all honesty, this is not even about homeschool. It is about how I feel about other children not my own…

I don’t like children, there I said it. It is out in the internet universe for anyone to read.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my own. I wouldn’t trade my son for the world. He is the only child I will ever love.  By any reasonable measure, I am a good parent and I want my son to have a wonderful life. What I am referring too is other children. I don’t like to be around them, babysit, entertain them etc… — I know some of you will curse me and call me a terrible person—- but I am just being honest. I just don’t.  I can create content for them, illustrate, write wonderful cheerful books FOR children, but do not ask me to babysit or entertain them because I can’t and I won’t. Does that make sense? I like the idea of children, does that count?


I know this post makes absolutely no sense. I started with homeschool and ended with I don’t want more children hahaha I am writing this post, in all honesty, ‘ because we are currently away from home, from our normal routine and visiting family members, most which have children. And I think that my ‘dislike’ right now for children is that I have to educate my child since we are homeschoolers, and there are all these other children creating distractions and wanting attention and their parents are nowhere to be found. Don’t care that we are homeschooling, but I won’t get into that right now. -sigh–

I feel a little better getting this out of my chest.  Thank you for listening.

Does anyone else experience or feel the same way?

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